Greetings, the members of the society

I sincerely appreciate the steering committee members including the former president who have spared no effort in various associated area while the society has developed from Genetic & Molecular Diagnostics Study Group to The Korean Society of Genetic & Molecular Diagnosis.
I believe that the increasing number of the society members as well as increasing participations into symposium and providing an opportunity of training courses are all owing to everyone¡¯s great efforts.

We are planning to progress society businesses by changing the system to directorship system of 6 directors (in charge of general affairs, scholarship, financial affairs, publication, editing and education) while maintaining committees for cytogenetic department, molecular genetics department, biochemical genetic department and molecular microbiologic department from 2013. We will reinforce job training and theory education to the members with newly establishing a directorship of education.

We will cooperate with The Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine and The Korean Association of Quality Assurance for Clinical Laboratory for symposiums and training courses and also support international activities and symposiums for the members by concluding an agreement with Association for Molecular Pathology in America.

Genetic and molecular diagnostic test that has been started from a small scale test has explosively expanded its size and contents so it is within bounds to say that it is located in the center of the medicine. I hope that everyone will gather their wisdom to play an active part in the center of relevant areas by obtaining necessary knowledge and information through society activities and sharing the experiences and values. I desire that there will be a great attention and cooperation. Thank you.

Mar. 2013
Jin-Yeong Han
President of The Korean Society of Genetic & Molecular Diagnosis