I am privileged to greet our members as the 7th president of the Korean Society for Genetic Diagnostics .

Started as the Genetic and Molecular Diagnosis Study Group in 2006, our society has been developed as the Korean Genetic Molecular Diagnosis Society in 2011 and renamed as the Korean Society for Genetic Diagnostics in 2017. Meanwhile, meantime, our society has grown to become a society with more than 1,400 member and as the age of genetic diagnosis has arrived, we are expecting more active activities.

As I am elected as the president at this crucial point of time, I become keenly aware that I have to make every effort and need a keen insight for future. To promote the development of our society in the field of the genetic testing and molecular diagnostics, which is a unique objective of our society, I will focus on the following areas.

First, we will continuously open the door for new members. Since the mainstay of our society is the medical specialist in the field of laboratory medicine, we did not grant membership to specialists from other department, other field experts and clinical pathologists. However, since about two years ago, experts from other fields related to genetic diagnostics have joined and we will invite more people. Therefore, we will develop into a society that will be able to discuss and implement all issues related to genetic diagnosis.

Second, we will become a society that can share theory, test methods, and analysis necessary for diagnosis of genetic testing. In other words, we will create a forum in which we can share and discuss all the steps from development of gene-based diagnostics to clinical application, interpretation and diagnosis. Through this, members of our society will be able to utilize genetic diagnostics more easily in clinical diagnosis.

Third, we will become a society that establishes and disseminates standard guidelines for genetic testing. With the recent development of NGS and LDT testing, there is a growing need to provide standardized guidelines for testing. The genetic diagnostics with complexity of the testing process will continue to be developed in the future. Therefore, we will provide standardized guidelines for tests to each laboratory, providing standardized care to the public.

Fourth, we will become a society that suggests the right opinions when establishing policies on genetic testing. In August 2016, DTC testing was granted to private genetic testing companies. And after the NGS testing became selectively insured since Mar 2017, there are problems with cut-down due to the expansion of NGS testing. We will suggest plans to establish scientific and objective policies that are essential for patient care for rapidly changing genetic diagnostics field.

In this way, Korean Society for Genetic Diagnostics will work together with specialists from the field of laboratory medicine and from other fields to develop the field of genetic diagnostics and make efforts to practically help our members in their medical field. In addition, we will provide standardized work and appropriate genetic diagnostics policies, providing excellent genetic testing service to the public.

We look forward to your continued interests and a great deal of encouragement for our society.

Chang-Ho Jeon
The President of the Korean Society for Genetic Diagnostics